Racoon ravaged lawnI saw this lawn the other day. The racoon's really went to town on this lawn. The racoons were after the grubs. The white grubs are either the June Beetle, Japanese Beetle, or the European Chafer Beetle. It looks like they found a rich source and are going to town! I'm sure the homeowners are not happy seeing this. They will have to seed the lawn or even sod if they want their lawn back. It's not easy dealing with racoon's in the city of Toronto. They're either destroying your garbage cans on a nightly basis or destroying your lawn.

It is said that Toronto has one of the largest raccoon populations of any city in North America. Some preventative measuers include.

  • Leaving the lawn thicker. Up to three inches so it makes egg laying difficult. Short lawns are the most vulnerable.
  • Overseed lightly with white clover, which does not appeal to the chafer beetle.
  • Apply Nematodes to your lawn when the soil has warmed up in May. Consult your garden centre for proper application of these.          

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